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What passes away is not eternal. Every form that is born has to pass away, but the underlying essence has no form and never passes away.

If you attach yourself to a form, you make a big mistake. Even attaching yourself to the form of the Guru is a mistake. It is not the form of the person that can give you light; it is something else that is deep within your own Heart. That is your Guru.

That Guru abides in the Heart of all beings, not only human beings but also animals, birds, trees and plants.

When you see your own essence, when you have that direct experience, you will see that every plant and animal is your own Self. They will all start to speak to you.

This is the formless Self in the Heart of all beings.

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Kanlit Chakti
(means ”Silver-blooded woman”. Kanlit Chakto means ”Silver-blooded man”.)

Kanlit Chakti is actually a name for a Queen of the Kulkania Empire (silver-blooded because in my story royal people have silver blood that makes them different ).

This is yet another character design for my book.
There was a male person standing next to her, a King, but I didn’t like him so she is alone! ^^ Btw this drawing took me ages! Like few days! I changed her design 10 times!
And yeah, Kukani people (they live in Kulkania but are called Kukani) are actually dark skinned and resemble Nubian people.

Hope you like her! :)

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