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Blessed 122nd #EarthStrong to #HIM #HaileSelassieI and his person #RasTafari. Hail the King of Kings and there will be no sorrow! I&I king and godfather has been mystically revealed 122 years ago this day as the son of humanity aka #Lidj #Tafari. All glory and honor to #KingAlpha & #QueenOmega in #Jah world without end. #Selah Haile Selassie I! JAH RasTafari. Adoni I God, Jah Rastafari. Tripple Crown God Jah RasTafari! Lightning & Thunder God! Jah RasTafari! Redemption God Jah RasTafari! Blessed love my lord & empress. Heart ah love, joy & praise! #r7 rule. Right over wrong every time.



DIY 5 Gifts in a Jar Tutorias and Templates from The Gunny Sack here. I really like the “cleans up well” for men and check out my "manly gift" ideas here. I also posted another really popular DIY from the Gunny Sack - lots of gift in a jar suggestions here like:

  • Energy in a Jar
  • Refreshment in a Jar Tide Me Over Jar
  • First Aid Jar
  • S’Mores in a Jar
  • Relaxation Jar
  • Sewing in a Jar
  • Spa in a Jar 


Black History Month fact #24

Buddhism originates in Africa.

According to Ra Un Nefer Amen I:

Buddhism once synchretized with the Black religion as its powerbase was spread throughout India, and Sri Lanka by the Emperor Ashoka (267-227 BCE). It then spread to China, 65 CE.

In 552 the Hindu sage Boddhidharma founded the Chan (zen) aspect of Buddhism in China; in 747 the Hindu Sage Padma Sambhava introduced tantric Buddhism to Tibet; in 1191 Eisai founded the Rinzai sect in Japan, and in 1300 Dogen founded the Soto Zen sect.

Today those who do not know the history of the yogic tradition, nor understand its inner constitution speak of the “Light of the East” when in reality it is a modification of the Light taken by the Blacks from Nubia into the Tigris, and Indus valley in prehistoric times.

[The Aryan] form of Hinduism-the latest reaction against the Tantric Yogic system of the Blacks of India—is known as Vedanta. It is the form that has been introduced into the West.

~Metu Neter Volume 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation, p. 44.

(also see The Ancient Egyptian Buddha: The Ancient Egyptian Origins of Buddhism by Muata Ashby — i haven’t read it yet.)

Black History month fact #28: Rome had an African emperor

fact #27: Haiti was the first free Black nation of the “New World”

fact #26: The Pan African flag and its colors.

fact #25: Judaism originates in Africa.

fact #24: Buddhism originates in Africa.

fact #23: Africa is bigger than you think.

fact #22: Sara Baartman: The origin of black female sexual exploitation.

fact #21: Catholic Virgin Mary was Black.

fact #20: Africans founded Chinese dynasties.

Fact #19: Africans invented the calendar.

Fact #18: Africans came before the Mayans.

Fact #17 Africans discovered America

Fact #16: Africans saw planets with the naked eye.

Fact #15: Africans in Europe

Fact #14: vase Heart symbol

Fact #13: Chess originates in Ethiopia

Fact #12: The Great Pyramid of Giza and Pi (3.14)

Fact #11: The Rosetta Stone

Fact #10: The Shabaka Stone

Fact #9: Ancient Egyptians wore locs.

Fact #8: Africans had walled cities.

Fact #7: Africans had the first sewers, toilets, and perfumes.

Fact #6: The first modern humans were born in Africa

Fact #5: Ancient Egyptians were Ethiopian-descendent.

Fact #4: Origin of Greek language

Fact #3: West African empires were wealthy

Fact #2: Etymology of the word Egypt

Fact #1: Pyramid builders were Black.


African spiritual systems predate all religions and all other spiritual systems. It’s not hard to understand this because humanity started in Africa. Many invasions by outsiders, slavery, and colonialism led to the destruction of the African civilizations.

One thing that is devastating is that Africans are very spiritual people by nature and their conquers would make it a mission to rid them of their native spiritual systems. They would beat, kill, rape, demoralize, and propagate Africans away from their native spiritual forms.

Today many people believe that systems like “voodoo” are “evil” this is a western interpretation that has plagued the world. Many Africans have actually internalized that their native spiritual systems are inferior to that of the oppressors. Like ALL religions and spiritual systems there is “good voodoo” and “Bad Voodoo” meaning there are good ways to use voodoo and bad ways. Anyone realize The KKK identifies themselves as Christians? They sure do have some “righteous” ways , huh?

Back to my post this propaganda about voodoo plagued the world. Many Africans abandoned their native spiritual systems and adapted their conquerors. Today a lot (not all) of Africans don’t even realize this because they don’t teach the true history in schools just like they don’t in America. A colonial influenced spiritual system is the only one that is accepted.

Interesting fact? The Haitians prayed to the God “Ogun” (God of War) before they defeated the oppressors for their freedom. Ogun is an Orisha from a spiritual system considered “Voodoo” …I guess voodoo (Vodou) can’t be all that bad, huh?

Food For Thought

Post Made By @Solar_InnerG


Young adepts of Vodoun Mami Dan (The Giant Sea Deity). Children of the Universe, during the International Vodoun Festival in Ouidah, Benin.

"Vodoun is more than a Religion, it is a culture, a Science, an Art and a Lifestyle. As it is true that Africa is the Mother of Civilization, Vodoun is the mother of all Religions. We, Africans must proudly and respectfully honour the Heritage of our Ancestors. Every Year on the 9th and 10th January, we celebrate Life, the Forces that Govern the Cosmos and our African Culture. And it will be so for Eternity, I am making sure of that."

Prince Randy Alam-Sogan Founder, Child of the Universe Project


"The people of South Africa have resisted European control since the Dutch and British began invading in the 17th century. In some parts of South Africa, they fought European control until the end of the 19th century. In spite of colonial efforts, Zululand remained free until 1880. In 1879 in a strong show of resistance, a Zulu army under the leadership of King Cetshwayo at Isandhlawana defeated a force of 8,000 European soldiers, killing 1,600. This was the single greatest defeat suffered by the British in all their colonial endeavors in Africa and Asia.”


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